Board of Directors

Karl is presently the  program director for the PhD peace studies program under the Asia Graduate School of Theology, hosted by the International Graduate School of Leadership in Manila, Philippines where he has served for eight years. He spent 35 years in Africa teaching and training church leaders before that. He has personally experienced the trauma of war violence while first in Africa, and was drawn to help in the painful conflict of both Liberia and Africa's great lake region of Rwanda, Burundi, and Congo during years of ethnic melt-down in 1994. During that time a team was created for trauma healing that focused on the role of the church in the lives of community, particularly women and children.  His dissertation research done through the University of Pretoria was on the healing interventions in community following violent conflict.  Karl and Patrice worked together for a number of years in Kenya.





Grace is Senior Researcher for The Institute for Transnational Research and Development in Pasadena, California.  She works extensively with grass roots non-governmental and faith-based organizations around the world where she uses advocacy planning and participatory approaches to engage people in communities in order to envision their own future and chart a path towards it.  She is also Adjunct Associate Professor at the Sol Price School of Public Policy, University of Southern California, and has conducted research on homeless and street-living children in Africa, India, Philippines, and Los Angeles using that research to build the capacity of leaders of organizations to better serve these children.  This area of interest has created in her a deep desire to support the work of ICARA, reaching out to traumatized children in Africa.







Tom is Professor of History at DePaul University, where he teaches courses in British, Modern European, and Military History. His research and writing cover terrorism, insurgency, counterinsurgency, and peace operations. As an adjunct faculty member of the Center for Civil-Military Relations of the Naval Postgraduate School, he co-teaches seminars on these subjects at venues around the world. A frequent media commentator, he regularly appears on Chicago television and radio programs. He is also an editor of the journal Small Wars and Insurgencies. Tom has traveled in Africa, and has supported Patrice's training efforts for vulnerable children.


Kevin is an attorney in the legal department of Great Lakes Dredge and Dock Corporation in Oak Brook, Illinois. Kevin is a former partner in the office of a major international law firm, and has more than thirty years of professional experience in commercial litigation. Kevin has known Patrice since they were college classmates, and he has followed and supported her work in Africa over the years with vulnerable children.                                          .







Diane is a nurse, with many years of experience in pediatric nursing in a school setting, camps for inner city children, teaching, and consulting. She has also traveled in Haiti, East Africa, and Korea, and has worked with abandoned, orphaned children in Korea and East Africa, and seen firsthand the difficult journey these children are on. She writes, “I met Patrice while in Africa the first time and I have always been most interested in her work with hurting children because I know that the training that Patrice is doing can and will make a huge difference in their journey to becoming all that God has for them.”








Patrice, a clinical social worker, is founder and Executive Director of ICARA. Her lifelong passion has been working with and on behalf of vulnerable and traumatized children, which she has done professionally in the US and in East Africa, through counseling, teaching and training over thirty years. Since 2003, living in Kenya, Patrice has turned her attention to orphan caregiver training, culminating with the launch of ICARA in 2014.  Now living in the US and traveling to Africa, Patrice is an Assistant Clinical Professor at the University of South Carolina, College of Social Work, and a licensed child and family therapist.









Rick Schultz grew up in the Republic of Mali, West Africa, where his parents served as career missionaries for twenty-eight years. Since graduating from Wheaton College Rick has worked for over thirty years in the financial services industry where he educates and advises clients, enabling them to become better stewards. Having personally interacted with scores of orphaned children in Mali, Rick has a heart for those who live with such traumatic loss, and is committed to supporting the work of the Initiative for Children at Risk Africa, which is helping orphaned and vulnerable children receive nurturing care. 





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