research initiatives

We are inviting you to be part of a strategic initiative we are launching this summer (2017) to take a research perspective on ICARA's training work in Africa. Patrice has heard from many caregivers that the training has changed their minds and hearts about children, but we have not learned all we could about why and how, and how best to take it forward so that it "lives" in the organizations and communities we are serving.  

This summer, Patrice has asked Dr. Cynthia Kimball to join her in Kenya to begin preliminary work on a research project addressing how the training impacts caregivers in their care of orphaned and vulnerable children. Cynthia, a Wheaton College professor of psychology and experienced qualitative researcher, will help Patrice develop a study in which caregivers (and others trained) will be asked to share their perspectives about the children in their care, and how the training makes a difference in their care and their organizations.

We need your financial support to send Cynthia to Kenya to join Patrice in June. We are very excited about doing research in a manner that enables us to partner with those on the ground in Africa. We are also grateful for your partnership, as you send us to equip those who are doing this vital work. We are immensely excited about how it is springing up in a number of places in Africa, and we are grateful for the ways in which it is already bearing fruit.

To support this initiative, go to our Donate page.