" The training was very good and encouraging to me and very helpful. I believe I will never be the same teacher. " ~Teacher, Zambia

"It’s amazing how Patrice can really touch the hearts of caregivers and make them feel every child can turn their lives around for the better. Wow! We really appreciate you. God bless you."  ~Director, Kenya

"I am so humbled, being a person brought up in a broken family, I have learnt how I should be a loving mother and wife. I have started practicing it already and it is working." ~Teacher, Zambia

"The ICARA training was a game-changer for our work with caregivers and vulnerable children in Lesotho. The attendees walked away with a complete paradigm shift of how to care for children who have experienced trauma and loss. The content was appropriate, transferable, and applicable with practical insights and tools. This curriculum is a manual of hope and healing for Africa's vulnerable children and caretakers."
~Naomi Schalm, Executive Director, Trust for Africa, Lesotho

“Although I have studied psychology at the university, these three days have been full of new information; as well as already known information in a fresh perspective. I’d have loved to attend an extra three days if that had been possible.”  ~Participant, Kenya

"I have loved this training as it has helped me deal with my own personal abuse that I experienced as a child. It has helped me understand that it wasn’t my fault that I was abused because I grew up thinking that I was at fault." ~Participant, Zambia

“This training has been a real good help to me as an individual. I have been seeing my son as a stubborn small boy who always goes to play and comes back at dusk. I have been terribly caning him thinking from the beatings he would change, but I think now I have the right way to discipline him with love. This training has really come at the right time. I believe I am going to make a change in my family and the project children. I [nowknow] caning is not a solution. God bless you Patrice for being an eye opener.”  ~Participant, Kenya

The training was relevant, very engaging, and focused on “real” experiences for caregivers who are often ill-equipped to care for vulnerable infants and young children. The curriculum was clearly centered on African contexts and the trainer also worked to understand the contexts of the caregivers and children in our programs across Kenya.
~Compassion International Kenya

"“I [am training] my colleagues about how to approach the children who are traumatised by abuse to show them love, care and support so that they can be able to tell what happened to them.” ~Police, Child and Gender Protection, Lesotho

“This training gave me what I actually needed to support the children and the caregivers at the project. I loved it.”  ~Community trainer, Kenya

"What an awesome training it has been. Very informative one, thought provoking, and life changing insights about children and adults." ~Community outreach worker, Zambia

“Patrice is a good communicator and I was able to learn from her. We are used to strict teachers but she is flexible, accommodating, and loving. It is easy to be comfortable in her class.” ~Participant, Kenya

"This training has been an eye opener and it has helped in changing our mind set up and the cultural experiences that we have grown to know." ~Partipicant, Zambia

"Excellent trainer—I cannot stress enough how your exposure to and awareness of the culture affects the way you train and the way we (namely the Kenyans) hear it. I’ve been to a similar one-day training on trauma and culturally the leader was out of touch so it didn’t reach our staff well. God bless and keep up the amazing work." ~Participant, Kenya

[The training was] “interesting, creative, involved students and encouraged their active participation.” ~Participant, Kenya

"Children are in need of people who understand and nurture them. This is a very important [training] for those who work with children and parents, so that they might be able to understand and nurture the child’s heart, especially orphaned and vulnerable ones. It is a message from the heart and rich African experience of the writer."
~Amberbir Tamire, Training Coordinator, Child Development Training and Research Center, Ethiopia

"The training was excellent...I have been motivated to have a new approach as far as children are concerned." ~ Outreach worker, Zambia

"I am going to train my colleagues at work so that together we understand the good ways of nurturing the heart of the child. ~Trainer, Lesotho

"Thank you a million, my approach to these children we have in our hands will no longer be the same. I now appreciate what they go through and what I can do to help them heal." ~Head teacher, Zambia


Zambian teachers trained, 2017

Zambian teachers trained, 2017